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Calendar of Events

Updated: 30 December 2012

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January 2013
11th-13th Mission Event - Intersection of Spirit and Mission
Buckhorn Camp
Guest Ministry:
Tom Mountenay and Zac Harmon-McLaughlin
Event Flyer
Registration Form
18th-20th Senior High Journey Takers at Las Vegas

February 2013
1st-3rd Junior High Snow Camp at Buckhorn Camp
15th-18th Senior High Snow Camp at Buckhorn Camp
17th-22nd Arizona Winter Reunion - Phoenix Central Congregation
Reunion Flyer
Registration Form

March 2013
15th-17th Youth Hunger Challenge at Victor Valley

April 2013
13th-18th World Conference
19th-21st USA National Conference

June 2013
21st-25th Senior High Adventure Trip

July 2013
5th-12th SwIMC / SCMC Reunion, Buckhorn Camp
20th-27th Spectacular (SPEC), Lamoni

October 2013
11th-12th Priesthood and Leaders Retreat

November 2013
2nd Fall Conference